Wanted: A business management/personal assistant- “right-hand" person-   I need someone who shares my values, who has experience and expertise in the area of marketing/business management/personal assistance.

Who I am:

Frazzled, working artist, overwhelmed by emails and business responsibilities. I’m a direct communicator, kind, motivated, wanting to grow but lacking that business mind. Would prefer to make art all day and pay to have someone else figure out the other parts. VERY motivated by a desire to change the world, leverage my privilege, and to help other artists sustain themselves. I’m passionate about fat liberation, working to dismantle white supremacy, gender-based bullying and abuse, and making ethical moves business-wise.

You: business minded, organized, good memory, self-motivated, stays on top of things, not shy about reaching out to ask for clarification. You need to be passionate about my work and have a desire to work under my vision. Responsible and efficient, able to problem solve and research some things. Keeping me accountable to tasks I need to get done.

Job Duties: read my emails daily, and formulate responses after checking in with me. Parse through requests and decide which are the best to follow through with. Help me redesign my website. Help me book a summer tour, set up a scheduling system and deal with collecting money and information. Research shoot locations. Reach out to galleries who may be interested in carrying my work. Order prints of my photos and get them shipped off. Help me apply for grants for large scale projects, find interns to help with "on the ground" tasks, help curate different artists for group shows. Organize my photos so that they are easy to go through and locate. Look into residency opportunities, specifically ones abroad. Reach out to publishers who may want to publish a book of my work. 

Knowledge of the art business. Ability to travel a few times a year to help with tours or appearances.  Special consideration will be given to candidates who have a personal understanding of the fat positivity/liberation movement.

Hours/Pay: Starting out with just a few hours a week and building, as trust builds. Lots of opportunity for growth. 15-20 an hour.

Please submit: A resume including work history, training/education, and 3 former employee contacts. Reference my current website/Instagram for insights on what I’m about. Shoogmcd@gmail.com

Website: ShoogMcdaniel.com

Instagram: @shooglet