Artist’s Curriculum Vitae


Instagram: shooglet



2017 Cover Image, Lesbian and Gay Studies, 23(4), October 1.
Photography Editor, Queer Appalachia, Electric Dirt Volume 1, 2017

2015 Queers in Nature, Self-Published, September 18.


2018 Best in Show. Round Hole Square Peg, LA Art Show, February 2018.


2018 Trans Week, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, March 27.
“Reading Queer Workshop ‘Visual Storytelling’ by Queers in Nature Author, Shoog

McDaniel.” The Light Box @ Goldman Warehouse, Miami, FL, January 27.


2018 Round Hole Square Peg, LA Art Show, Dates?
2016 “Fatter IRL: a fat art show.” Pfizer, 630 Flushing Avenue, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY,

October 15–November 5.
Queers in Nature: Shoog McDaniel Photography, Powrplnt, Brooklyn, NY, September 2.

Queers in Nature: Shoog McDaniel Photography, 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program, Philadelphia, PA, August 9.

2015 August Artwalk with Shoog McDaniel, Wild Iris Bookstore, Gainesville, FL, August 28. 2010 Pop Up Art Show, Green Line Café, Philadelphia, PA, April 16.


2018 Bendix, Trish. “Round Hole Square Peg Will Queer The LA Art Show With The Work of 30 LGBTQ Photographers.” Into, January 5.

Fat Positive Portraits. The Photo Academy Magazine, August 30. “Also.Also.Also: Photographer Shoog McDaniel Gives You a Safe Place to Land

Today, and Other Stories.” Autostraddle, August 14.
Song, Sandra. “Meet Shoog McDaniel, the Photographer Pushing the

Boundaries of Queer, Fat-Positive Photography.” Teen Vogue, August 11. “Widening the Definition of Beauty: Photography by Shoog McDaniel.” Hunger

Magazine, February 6.
2016 Shoog McDaniel Photo Series, SPILL | Queer Arts Magazine.

Nunes, Andrew. “Fat Artists Take the Spotlight at ‘Fatter IRL: A Fat Art Show’.” Creators, VICE, October 31.

Frank, Priscilla. “Fat Femme Artists Team Up to Worship and Celebrate Big, Beautiful Bodies.” Huffington Post, October 26.

“Fatter IRL: Femme Art of Shape and Color.” Psycho-Girl, October 21.
Song, Sandra. “‘Fatter IRL’ is the NYC Exhibition Bringing Fat Femmes to the

Forefront.” Paper Mag, October 13.

Updated January 2018